The Rock City Grill seeks motivated people to work in an interesting and challenging environment. And when we say challenging, we mean it! Our staff is dedicated to having fun and enjoying their jobs here at Rock City. If you don't know how to have fun, or are a very serious person, employment at Rock City probably won't be a great fit for you. (But of course you can always apply!) What we want are people who know how to have fun AND be able to take their job seriously. After all, if you can't take a joke, what good are you? (Just a little test. If you felt offended, you are too serious!)

Apply in person between 2-4 Tuesday - Saturday or send your resume to info@rockcitygrill.com

• Server

• Cook

• Host/Hostess

• Bartender

• Bus Person



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DID YOU KNOW that without the Thai Pizza, Rock City Grill wouldn’t be here today. The Thai Peanut Sauce is famous and available in most regional grocery stores.