Rock City Grill applauds all efforts to raise money in these challenging economic times. We support local charities that benefit children, education and needy families. We help groups that directly help people live a better life.

Rock City Grill, Inc. does not support the following:

  • Individuals seeking aid or assistance
  • Conference or seminars
  • Travel for individuals or groups
  • Scholarship programs
  • Beauty/achievement pageants or contests
  • Pledges and payments for walks and telethons
  • Religious or political organizations
  • Sporting events

CLICK HERE to fill view Donation Request Form. Please use our new address:  2911 E 57th Ave, Spokane, WA  99223



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Our GI-NORMOUS MUD PIE is one of our most popular sellers: Layers of Kona coffee and chocolate ice creams, covered in whipped cream and chocolate sauce on a chocolate cookie crust. This one is great for sharing! 7.25